Change Agents: Toward Justice-Based Action In Libraries. UCLA Information Studies Colloquium, Los Angeles, CA. (forthcoming, date TBD).

Keynote. Leading for Change: Justice-Based Advocacy In Libraries. Academic Library Association Ohio Annual Conference. Columbus, OH, Oct 2019.

Creating Affirming Library Spaces: Designing for Basic Student Needs. Co-presented with Holly Hampton, Designing Libraries Conference, Atlanta, GA, October 2019.

Information Privilege: Access, Advocacy, and the Critical Role of Libraries. Keynote, I-SPIE 2019 Conference. CSU Fullerton, July 2019.

Trans & Gender Non-Confirming Inclusion in Library Spaces. ALISE Gender Issues SIG and SLA’s Education Vision Webinar, Dec 2018.

Libraries in Solidarity: Practicing Change. Keynote, Oregon State University Libraries’ Inservice Day. Corvallis, Oregon, September 2018.

Keynote, CSUSM Civility Champion Celebration. San Marcos, CA, April 2018.

Keynote, Creative Reflection: The Critical Practice of Stepping Back. Illinois Information Literacy Summit. The Illinois Information Literacy Summit. Moraine Valley, IL, April 2018.

Libraries, Information Equity, & Economic Justice. Coalition for Networked Information 2018 Membership Meeting. San Diego, CA, April 2018.

For the greater (not) good (enough): Open access and information privilege (video). See also slidesOCLC Distinguished Seminar Series. Dublin, OH, Nov 9 2017.

Allyship, community, and tools for change. Social Justice Summit, California State University San Marcos. 22 Oct 2017.

ACRL Immersion Teaching with Technology, lead faculty. March-April 2017 (Baltimore, MD and online).

Keynote, Alaska Library Association Conference. Ketchikan, AK. Feb 2017.

Information privilege: Access, advocacy, and the critical role of libraries. Keynote, Northwest Interlibrary Loan and Resources Sharing Conference. Portland, OR. Sept 2016.

Heuristics for Reflective Practice. KeynoteUC Irvine/SCILExperi(m)ent(i)al: Developing Process-oriented, User-focused Methodologies in the Library. 19 August 2016, Irvine, CA.

Why Reflect? The Holistic Practice of Stepping BackLILAC 2016: Keynote. 22 March 2016, Dublin, IRE.

Analyzing Information Privilege: Access, Advocacy, and the Academic LibraryHarvard Library Strategic Conversations Series. 4 March 2016.

Information Privilege: Narratives of Challenge and ChangeOpening Keynote: WILU 2015. St. Johns, Newfoundland. 15 June 2015.

Reframing Our Narratives. Keynote, Lake Superior Libraries Symposium. 5 June 2015.

Articulating our Impact. Keynote, MOBIUS 2015 Conference. Columbia, MO. 2 June 2015.

Strategic Cartography: Visualizing Information Literacy Intersections Across the Curriculum. ACRL 2015 Contributed Paper, 28 March 2015.

Google Glasses for the MassesACRL 2015 presentation with Dani Cook, 27 March 2015.

ACRL 2015 ScholCommCamp Unconference Co-facilitator (with Amy Buckland and Carmen Suchy). 25 March 2015 Portland, OR.

Data, Assessment, and Participatory Design: Rethinking Information Literacy, Spaces, and Services in Two Academic Libraries. 10 December 2014 at 12 PST (register online). Library Journal online forum with Sara Lowe, Kelly Miller, and Doug Worsham; moderated by Bonnie Tijerina.

C&RL Forum on Degrees of Impact: Analyzing the Effects of Progressive Librarian Course Collaborations on Student Performancewith Sara Lowe, Natalie Tagge, and Sean Stone. 2 December 2014 at 11 am PST. See #insightcrl, event Q&A doc, and article preprint.

Heart on Sleeve: Librarianship as an Avocational Vocation. ALA Ohio. Sandusky, OH. November, 2014.

Who Gives? Advocacy and Outreach that Make Things Matter. Preconference workshop. ALA Ohio. Sandusky, OH. November, 2014.

Strategies for Holistic Assessment of Student Information Literacy Learning. WASC Core Competencies Retreat on Information Literacy and Critical Thinking. Oakland, CA. October 2014.

Go for It, or Bail? Learning to Ride the Hype Cycle. Keynote, SEFLIN Regional Library Conference. Miami, FL. July 2014.

Coming Out of the Shell: Becoming a Powerful Public Speaker. Preconference workshop with Tiffini Travis and Manuel Urrizola. ALA Annual Conference. Las Vegas, NV. June 2014.

DIY vs. LSEDIFY: Marketing Strategies for a Resource-Strapped World (with Caroline Booth). Texas Library Association 2014 Conference. San Antonio, Texas. April 2014.

Thinking about Teaching: Mindfulness and Metacognition as Pedagogy. Texas Library Association 2014 Conference. San Antonio, Texas. April 2014.

SCELC Research Day Workshop on Publishing. Loyola Marymount, Los Angeles, CA. March 2014.

Information Privilege: Critical Strategies for Access and Advocacy (slides and video). DLF Forum Closing Keynote. Austin, Texas, November 2013.

Curriculum Mapping for Strategic and Structural Insight. Pennsylvania Library Association Conference CRD Division Lunch, October 2013.

Metacognition: A Literacy of Awareness (Collaborate recording also available). Metaliteracy MOOC (Guest Facilitator). September 2013.

Learning in Libraries (video). Guest Facilitator: The Hyperlinked Library MOOC. September 2013.

LITA Top Tech Trends Panel. ALA Annual, Chicago, IL. June 2013.

ACRL Immersion Teaching with Technology Program. Hybrid preconference workshop at ALA Annual in Chicago in June 2013, then five weeks online.

AMICAL 2013 Conference Keynote. John Cabot University, Rome, Italy. June 2013.

Five Colleges Staff Development Talk & Workshop: Collaboration across the Curriculum. Mt. Holyoke College, May 30 2013.

Live and Let LibAnalytics. SpringyCamp, May 16 2013.

Librarianship as an “avocational vocation”: Advice for new professionals (METRO NY New Professionals Series Webinar). April 24 2013.

Powers of Ten Dialogue: On Perspective, Insight, and Communication. With Kathryn Deiss. ACRL 2013 Conference, Indianapolis, IN. April 2013.

“Love your library”: building goodwill from the inside out and the outside in. ACRL 2013 People’s Choice Award Winner! With Lia Friedman, Adrienne Lai, and Alice Whiteside. ACRL 2013 Conference, Indianapolis, IN. April 2013.

Methods Behind the Instructional Madness: Assessing and Enhancing Learning through Portfolios, Mapping and Rubrics.With Sean Stone and Natalie Tagge. ACRL 2013 Conference, Indianapolis, IN. April 2013.

Reflecting in the Trenches: Building Instructional Literacy as You Teach. Instructor Development Workshop, Perry-Castaneda Library, University of Texas at Austin. 17 December 2012.

Revaluing Libraries: Content, Container, or Concept? (slides and audio or videocast). Closing keynote, ACRL-Oregon/Washington Fall Conference. Corbett, OR, 26 October 2012.

Reedbrarians: Advocacy, Activism, and the Future of Access (also audio). Reed College (my alma mater!). Portland, OR, 24 October 2012.

The Analog to Your Digital: Reexamining Library Mobility (also see video capture of the session). Keynote. M-Libraries Conference. Open University, Milton Keynes, England. September 2012.

Reflecting in the Trenches: Building Instructional Literacy as You Teach. Instructor Development Workshop, Leavey Library, University of Southern California. 23 August 2012.

ACRL Immersion Teacher Track. Burlington, Vermont. July 2012.

Riding the Publishing Rollercoaster: Practical Strategies From Research to Writing (my slide deck). ACRL Panel, ALA 2012 Annual Conference. Anaheim, CA. June 2012.

Learning Styles, Fiction, Nonfiction, or Mystery? (my slide deck). ACRL Instruction Section Panel, ALA 2012 Annual Conference. Anaheim, CA. June 2012.

Reflecting in the Trenches: Building Instructional Literacy as You Teach (workshop map). Ohio 5 Spring Library Instruction Workshop, Ohio Wesleyan University, May 7 2012.

Reframing Library Instruction: Advocacy, Insight, and the Learner Experience. Opening Plenary, LOEX Conference. Columbus, Ohio. May 4 2012.

Understanding the Learner Experience: Threshold Concepts and Curriculum Mapping (and via video). Invited Paper Presentation with Brian Mathews, CARL Conference. San Deigo, CA. April 2012.

Closing Keynote: Leadership Panel, with Karen Schneider and Bonnie Tijerina. Electronic Resources & Libraries. Austin, Texas. April 2012.

Breaking the Bank: Library Publishing for Learner Engagement. At Making Stories: Libraries & Community Publishing (audio available at this link) with Amy Buckland, Nate Hill, and Michael Porter. SXSW Interactive, Austin, Texas. 10 March 2012.

Methods Behind the (One-Shot) Madness: Enhancing Instruction Through Portfolios, Mapping, & Rubrics (with Natalie Tagge and Sean Stone). SCILWorks 2012, Claremont, CA, 3 February 2012.

The Research Therapist Is In: Reframing Librarianship for Changing Learners (slide deck). Operating at Webscale: Transforming Library Workflows, OCLC Event, UCLA, 15 December 2011. Watch video of this event.

Reflecting with Every CLIC, Talk (slide deck) & Workshop (knowledge map). Macalester College, 28 October 2011.

The Library as Indicator Species: Evolution, or Extinction? U Conn Libraries Fall Forum. 18 October 2011.

Day 2 Keynote, see transcript and live archive at Instructional Literacy and the Library Educator: Reflective Habits for Effective Practice ( also, slide deck and handout).WebJunction/ALA Learning Roundtable Trends in Library Training and Learning Online Conference, August 11 2011. Session summary.

Opening Keynote, Strange Bedfellows: IT and Reference Collaborations to Enhance User Experiences. American Library Association Annual Conference, June 24 2011.

Instructional Literacy & the Library Educator. Closing Keynote, Wisconsin Association of Academic Librarians conference, April 2011.

The Librarian as Situated Educator: Instructional Literacy and Participation in Communities of Practice, via slidecast or slides only. Invited paper, ACRL 2011 National Conference, Philadelphia, PA, March 2011. Podcast preview from ACRL Insider.

Failcamp. Internet Librarian, Monterey, CA, October 2010.

Reflective Teaching, Effective Learning. California Clearinghouse for Library Instruction Annual Workshop, CSU East Bay, Hayward, CA, 7 May 2010.

Moderator: Social Issues of NGTL, Next Generation Teaching and Learning Symposium (video, 56 minutes). UC Berkeley, 17 April 2010.

California Community Colleges Council of Chief Librarians Deans & Directors meeting, Sacramento, CA, 15 April 2010.

Local User Research: Taking the ‘Ass’ out of Assumption. Extreme Makeover: Redesigning Digital Services. Internet Librarian, Monterey, CA, 27 October 2009.

Informing Innovation: Tracking Student Interest in Library Technology. Part 1: Slides or Audio (15:00) | Part 2: Slides or Audio (50:00) . Library Association of the University of California 2009 Conference, Berkeley, CA, 23 October 2009.

On Collaboration. American Library Association Annual Conference, RUSA Reinvented Reference V: Annual Preconference, Chicago, IL, July 2009.

Library FAQ Knowledgebase. LAUC-B 2.0 Tips and Tricks Panel. University of California, Berkeley, April 2009.

Deconstructing the Learning Pyramid. Library Instructor Development Lightning Talks. University of California, Berkeley, April 2009.

If You Build It, Will They Care? With Chris Guder, ACRL National Conference. Seattle, WA, March 2009.

Web Calling, Video Chat, and E-Reference. RUSA Chair’s Program: What is the Future of Face-to-Face Reference? American Library Association Annual Conference. Anaheim, CA, June 2008.

When Internet Voice, Video, and Libraries Collide. Computers in Libraries Conference. Crystal City, VA, 7 April 2008.

Moving Communication Forward – Internet Voice and Video in Libraries. Coalition for Networked Information 2007 Task Force. Washington, D.C., December 2007.

Skype-Based Services. Teleconference presentation, Future of Libraries Conference. San Francisco, CA, September 2007.

Tech_Casting: A Library Technology Wiki. Emerging Leaders poster session, American Library Association Annual Conference. Washington, D.C., June 2007.

Video IM Reference. ACRL 2007 National Conference, Cyber Zed Shed. Baltimore, MD, March 2007.

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